Tackling the glass ceiling

“Only 6 percent of the Fortune 500 companies are run by women.” -Recruiter 

The term ‘glass ceiling’ was coined by Marilyn Loden, an American writer and management consultant, in 1978 during a panel discussion about women’s aspirations.

Forty years later businesses worldwide have made great strides when it comes to gender parity. Yet the glass ceiling metaphor continues to symbolize an enduring barrier faced by women in the workplace.

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How to Survive Burnout

By Laurence Favier

The pressure of looming deadlines, a pile-up of urgent tasks, not to mention a toxic work environment, filled with competitiveness, incivility, and gossiping—this can leave anyone feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and at risk of burnout. Having experienced burnout several times during my career, here are some tips to surviving burnout—and thriving. Continue reading How to Survive Burnout