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The Life Juggle-How to Find Life/Work Balance

by Simma Lieberman

Top Healthcare, Health Insurance, Pharmaceutical & Biotech Companies for Women 2014

Each year, DiversityComm, Inc.

Top Hospitals for Women 2014

Each year, DiversityComm, Inc.

Private Health Insurance Basics

Most people get health insurance through job-based health plans or buy policies on their own from an insurance company.

If you have to buy your own health insurance, there are many kinds of available private health insurance policies. Different kinds of policies can offer very different kinds of benefits and can limit your access to some doctors, hospitals or other providers. The kinds of benefits and specific care-providers your policy covers can make a big difference in your costs and the quality of care you get if you become ill.

Setting Healthy Goals-Four Steps to Better Well-Being

Setting healthy goals is a great way to promote your own well-being by lowering your risk of conditions such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity and more.  Of course, that’s sometimes easier said than done. After all, have you ever caught yourself saying, “I’m going to get in shape this year by exercising more and eating healthier”?  As it turns out, The Huffington Post reports that about 100 million Americans make resolutions every year, but only 45 percent follow through with them.  Setting health goals isn’t simply about buying into a new health fad.

Top Hospitals, Pharmaceutical and Biotech Companies-2013

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Working Mothers - Surviving Your Return to Work

By Amanda AlexanderWorking Mothers

Facebook Users- Who's Logging In More Often?

The Fairest Facebook Users- Women are Logging on More Often than MenWoman on Facebook

Living a Successful Life – Learn the Benefits of Time Management Skills

Time management is a skill that everybody should have. It's not just useful for your working life but for your personal life as well. Time wasting is one of the worst habits that you can fall into as it is like a poison, slowly spreading throughout your life until there is nothing left and you have nothing to show for your time each day. The benefits of learning time management skills are huge and here are just a few of them:-

Top Healthcare Organizations for Women

Each year, DiversityComm, Inc.

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