Pharmacy Technicians-Meeting Growing Demand in the Health Care Industry

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Pharmacy Technician is a growing career field. The fastest growing demographic is of people turning 65, and the number of people requiring health-care services is also growing along with it. In order to address this public need, more and more Pharmacy Technicians are finding employment. Pharmacy Technicians assist, and work closely with licensed pharmacists, in order to fill prescriptions safely and accurately.

The role of pharmacists is also growing, and a constant introduction of new drugs by the health care industry contributes significantly to a rise in demand for Pharmacy Technicians. Pharmacy Technicians execute multiple tasks such as filling prescriptions, performing various customer service duties, verifying insurance information, and maintaining patient records, to name a few.

Their duties vary according to the kind of medical practice they are employed in. Additional responsibilities may include data entry, organizing items on the shelves, handling the cash register, and answering phone calls. A Pharmacist Technician could be employed in retail environments (large retail chains, supermarkets, and drugstores), clinics, hospitals, online pharmacies, or even pharmaceutical wholesalers.

Certified Pharmacy Technicians with formal training are in high demand. Employers prefer hiring graduates of recognized pharmacy technician training schools. The length of certification programs can vary from nine months to two years' of classwork and lab-work. Some institutions even provide hands-on training in the form of internships.

A comprehensive training program curriculum includes chemistry, algebra, pharmacology, laws regarding pharmaceutical prescriptions, and preparations of drugs. Besides pharmacy related functions, students learn to develop interpersonal skills, which are important when dealing with customers and patients.

Even after attaining certification as a Pharmacy Technician, continuing education is a must, keeping in mind the constant development and release of new drugs. For higher salary and better career prospects, Pharmacy Technician certification is essential. Additionally, to remain certified you need to get re-certified every 2 years.

For re-certification, Continuing Education of 20 credit hours is mandatory over two years. The 20 hours of Continuing Education may be accomplished in a variety of ways. Each state may have different requirements for re-certification. Please check with state you are in.

Pharmacy Technician certification can open doors to a wonderful career in the health care field. The job involves a wide variety of responsibilities that are both rewarding and fulfilling. Getting certified requires different amounts and complexity of coursework, and lots of hard work, but ultimately results in a more rewarding career.

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