Davita - Kidney Disease Awareness Screening

Here’s something simple you can do to protect the health of your workplace and community:  raise awareness of kidney disease.

1 in 6 American adults has kidney disease, but most don’t know it because it’s often without symptoms. Leading causes are diabetes and high blood pressure. Other risk factors are heart disease, family history of kidney disease, and age over 60. High-risk ethnic groups are African Americans, Latinos, Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders and Native Americans.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Early detection helps. Screening is simple and results are quick. All it takes is getting the word out. That’s DaVita’s goal. You can help:

  • Educate. Educate your workplace about kidney disease. DaVita® can provide materials.
  • Get screened. Get out to a DaVita Kidney Awareness Run|Walk™. Kidney disease screenings are offered onsite at no charge.
  • For more information contact: www.davita.com